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Put simply, independent schools are privately run schools; often called private schools or traditionally called public schools. These schools are not controlled by local authorities so are free to set their own academic agenda. However these schools label themselves, what is consistent across all of them is a competitive entrance examination process. From pre-assessment tests, english and maths papers that can last anywhere from 15-60 minutes, verbal & non-verbal reasoning tests and unique interview stages; every school is different. Below is a comprehensive list of notable independent schools in the South London area and an overview of their entrance process. If you have you any further questions, please get in touch.

Independent schools

Grammar schools by area

Please see below for a selection of schools with 11 Plus admissions. Schools are listed in alphabetical order. For each school we have listed information about entrance procedures, as well as other practical information that parents may find useful.

The Interview

Preparatory schools by area

Nightingale Tutors operates primarily in the South London area, home to some of the top performing independent schools in the country. However with the rise of online tuition our tutors have prepared children for schools all over the country, with Highgate School in North London being a particularly sought after destination with clients. Below, we have broken South london into five areas and listed their top schools:

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