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“Jenny tutored our daughter (dyslexic) in the lead up to her secondary school assessments and during year 7&8 in maths and English. She had a lovely rapport with our daughter and she was successful in gaining places at 3 13plus weekly boarding schools. Jenny worked hard during the pandemic and the zoom sessions were a great success! We would highly recommend Jenny as a knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful teacher. ”

Rebecca A.

“Our daughter was determined to go to JAGS and we hired Laura to help her prepare. Laura is extremely knowledgeable about the different schools and their entrance requirements and brought a very structured and thorough approach to the process. The sessions were challenging but enjoyable and my daughter went into the exams feeling extremely relaxed and confident. Best of all, of course, was that she got in with an Academic scholarship!”

Dan L.

“Thanks to Rosie’s wonderful tuition both of my children secured places at all the schools they applied to and are both now at Alleyns. Rosie is patient, thoughtful and fun. My children always looked forward to their sessions with her!”

Lucy V.

“Nightingale Tutors is in a different league to other agencies we tried. It is a combination of thoughtfulness, patience and the fact that they care about achieving the right outcomes for the children they tutor.”

Lena M.

“Sarah was superb. Our daughter was struggling with Maths and near the bottom of her class at start of year 6. By the end she was at the top of her class and got a very good 11+ result. Can’t recommend highly enough. Lovely person, excellent tutor. ”

Simon R.

“We can highly recommend Emily! She has been instrumental in our son’s preparation for the 11+ exam. She has boosted our son’s confidence, speed and accuracy in maths and her knowledge of expected standards at the senior schools are second to none!”

Nathalie S.

“Charlie is an excellent tutor. He is very thorough and explains mathematical concepts in a fun, child friendly manner. My children look forward to sessions with him and are always energised afterwards. He is efficient and punctual and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor”

Laine M.

“I can highly recommend Ella, who is helping my son prepare for the 11+. He gets on very well with her, she’s very patient with him and has done a great job building his confidence and improving his maths.”

Alexander M.

“Charlotte has been tutoring our daughter Ellie (10) for over a year in Maths and we have been so pleased with her progress. Most importantly, Ellie has developed a love of Maths and become so much more confident. Ellie has moved up two Maths groups to be in the top Maths group and feels very well prepared for her 11+ exams. Charlotte is kind and has a supportive approach which has worked really well for Ellie. Charlotte has also helped Ellie with VR and English and her 11+ practice exam results were really strong across the board with 92 in Maths and 82 in English. I would highly recommend Charlotte as a fantastic tutor.”

Sophie A.

“​​My son was tutored in Maths by Sarah for most of Year 5 before his 11plus. He always enjoyed the sessions and never moaned about them as Sarah really got him and made it as interesting as possible. He was never in the top Maths set at school and so we were delighted when, after applying to Whitgift, Trinity, Dulwich and Alleyns, he got offers from all 4, two with scholarships attached, and ended up accepting Alleyns. My younger son was also tutored by Sarah for 10plus and was offered a place at Trinity. So all round, a very happy family and Sarah was able to give the boys the confidence in themselves to do well at Maths, as well as reinforcing the learning in school. We would thoroughly recommend her!”

Claire S.

“Sarah was our son’s tutor (Maths and English) between March and December 2018. Her approach was both firm and gentle and she always stroke the right balance of work/homework – pushing him to give his best without ever overdoing it. The work, focus and dedication she put in for him to get into his favourite school was phenomenal. But, beyond the “high intensity / short term rewards”, the main reason why I would recommend Sarah without any hesitation is that the effects of her teaching have been long lasting. She’s given our son a lot of confidence and very robust foundations in maths and English meaning that, now in Year 8, he is in the top 10% of his year group. We regularly talk about Sarah when he gets excellent progress results, remembering how much she’s helped him get where he is now.”

Nathalie S.

“We can highly recommend Sarah! She has been instrumental in our son’s preparation for the 11+ exam. She has boosted our son’s confidence, speed and accuracy in maths and her knowledge of expected standards at the senior schools are second to none!”

Adam H.

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