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Emanuel School is an independent co-educational school in Battersea, London, with a history going back 400 years.

Seeking to create confident, kind, well-rounded and ambitious children, Emanuel has made significant strides in the past 5 years under its new head, Robert Milne. Milne’s dynamic leadership, which he brought with him from KCS, has clearly influenced performance, as seen by the school’s recent GCSE and A-level results.

Emanuel’s lenient sibling policy has harmed the school’s academic reputation in the past, but for the time being, a sibling policy based on a 60% pass rate remains in place.

In 2020, 65% of Emanuel leavers went on to study at Russell Group Universities. Emanuel students also frequently go on to study at the UK’s top art schools, including RADA. The school was in the top 50 co-ed schools in The Sunday Times Parent Power league tables, 2019.


  • 72% of all GCSE grades in 2019 were Grade 7 or above (A*-A)
  • 49% of A-levels in 2019 were awarded an A* or A

“Seeking to create confident, kind, well-rounded and ambitious children, Emanuel has made significant strides in the past 5 years under its new head”

Emanuel’s 11 Plus Admissions Process

Emanuel admits around 144 Year 7 pupils into its senior school each year. One third come up from Emanuel’s own Hill Form (their Year 6), while two thirds come from state and independent schools. There are usually around 6 spaces available for 13+ entry and approximately 30 available for 16+ entry.

The window to register your child for Year 7 entry is from late April of when they are in Year 5, until mid-October of their Year 6. There’s a registration fee of £155. When registering, Emanuel will want to see your child’s end-of-year Year 5 school report and a reference from their current Headteacher.

There are 48 places available for 10+ entry into the Hill Form, Emanuel’s Year 6. Registration for this opens in the April when your child is in Year 4 and closes in the October of their Year 5. If your child is unsuccessful in gaining a place, they are encouraged to apply again the next year for Year 7 entry.

The job of a Nightingale Tutor can start here, we will happily guide you through this process and advise on any further questions you may have.

Emanuel’s Exam Content

Emanuel don’t have pre-selection assessments for 11+ candidates. Examinations typically take place in January, after the interview; these cover english, mathematics, and verbal reasoning.

The english exam lasts 60 minutes and tests comprehension; spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and the ability to understand character. There’s also a creative writing task.

The maths exam tests numeracy and problem-solving skills and also lasts 60 minutes.

The Verbal Reasoning exam tests logical thinking and the use of language and vocabulary; this lasts 30 minutes.

Emanuel have sample Maths and English papers on its website to help students prepare. A Nightingale tutor will make sure no stone is unturned when practicing and preparing your child for these examinations and offer a range of services alongside your child’s tuition. This includes:

  • Termly progress meetings
  • Guidance on school selection
  • Mock exams
  • Interview preparation
  • Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning courses
  • Scholarship groups
  • Access to Pastoral consultants

The verbal reasoning skills test examines your child’s natural ability and potential, rather than their learned knowledge. Candidates are asked to problem solve, based on a series of pictures and diagrams; very often being asked which is the odd one out in a sequence. Here’s where a good tutor can really come into their own, as reasoning is rarely taught in schools. At Nightingale Tutors, we believe a strong performance in these tests can set a child apart and work hard to prepare our pupils for them. We will continuously expose them to similar questions as well as run courses & workshops on the subject from our classroom space. Please contact Nightingale Tutors if you’re interested in working with one of our tutors.

“Children should know as much as they can about Emanuel and the reason they want to attend.”

Emanuel’s Interview

The interview happens before exams and is usually around 20 minutes in length. Because of Covid, recent interviews were held over Zoom.

The interview is key to getting into Emanuel but it should be noted girls or boys should not appear over-rehearsed. Nightingale Tutors (home page) has a wealth of experience preparing children for the interview and will work to ensure they feel at ease & comfortable before the big day.

Emanuel look for bright, confident and articulate children who will engage with life at Emanuel and make the most of their time there. The school ultimately wants to know your child will suit them and vice versa. For this reason, children should know as much as they can about Emanuel and the reason they want to attend. Your son or daughter can get a taste of what it’s like to attend Emanuel, as well as an opportunity to meet staff and students by attending an Emanuel Open Day event. They’ll be much better prepared for the interview and be more confident as a result of the visit. However, due to Covid, Emanuel is currently unable to invite parents and prospective students to visit, so is holding its Open Days online.

Before the interview(interview), ask your child to consider why he or she wants to attend Emanuel, what Emanuel can offer them and what they can offer Emanuel. Most importantly, your child needs to be able to talk passionately about their interests; whether play an instrument, act, dance, bake, sing or play sports. Emanuel want to see your child talk about what interests them rather than memorise lines. These skills are not developed quickly; our tutors(our tutors) will spend considerable time alongside you child’s studies, preparing them for the interview process.

It’s a great idea for your child to bring along a portfolio of his or her accomplishments. This could contain artwork, photos of craft projects, poems, sports certificates, or even a journal entry from an educational visit. Having this portfolio with her will increase your daughter’s confidence, as she’ll always have it to spark conversation. The portfolio will also help the interviewer find some common ground to talk on. Our tutors will help assemble your child’s portfolio as well as practice talking about it.

Interviewers may also bring up the topic of current affairs; which can easily be prepared for by asking your child their thoughts and opinions on what’s going on in the world. Whilst easy in practice, it takes time and consistency to develop these skills.

Interviews are conversations; your child must be able to properly articulate themselves and respond to the question posed. When children are nervous or ill-prepared they ramble, our tutors will make sure this isn’t the case. During the interview, your child will also be asked to demonstrate their academic ability. Interviewers may give a text to discuss or a mathematics problem to solve.

Emanuel’s Scholarships

  • Emmanuel offers academic scholarships worth around 10%-50% of school fees. All applicants excelling on the entrance exam and the 11+ are automatically considered.
  • The school also offers 10+, 11+, and 16+ scholarships in art and design, drama, music, and sport. Interested candidates must complete a scholarship application form available on the Emanuel website by mid-November. Selected applicants will then be asked to Emanuel for an in-person assessment based on this information.
  • Music scholars will also have access to free tuition in two instruments up to a maximum value of £1500 per year.
  • Means-tested bursaries can be up to 100% including the cost of uniform and meals.


You may find our guide on how to choose a tutor helpful.

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