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Nightingale Tutors has helped students secure academic scholarships to nearly every selective independent school in London. We bring a wealth of knowledge and vast understanding to helping your child maximise their chances in a highly competitive landscape. Below is an overview of what you’ll need to know.

There are an increasing number of 11+ scholarships available; academic scholarships, which will be awarded for an outstanding performance in the entrance exams, as well as sport, music. in some cases art and even design technology. We recommend seeing what each school has to offer as these change on a yearly basis.

Being awarded a scholarship is a huge achievement for your child and will ensure their next school is focused on fulfilling their academic potential.

Whilst most schools automatically award academic scholarships to the best performing children in the entrance exams, other schools ask for an application process to be completed.

Don’t be afraid to let your child express themselves

The very first step of 11+ tuition with Nightingale Tutors is a detailed academic assessment. This will indicate your child’s suitability for an academic scholarship at your chosen schools. Not all schools are the same and the competition for scholarships varies. We will happily advise parents or guardians and provide a tutor who has the relevant experience to help your child in their endeavour.

Typically, the top 10-20% of children who took the entrance exam are offered scholarships or invited for an interview. Some schools write what is known as a scholarship question; a particularly tough question at the back of the exam that can only be answered by the brightest students. Children must not just be bright, but fast too. We host scholarship classes at our dedicated learning space where high achievers can push themselves in a small, like-minded group.

If your child is asked to interview, Nightingale Tutors has already advocated for the importance of interview preparation here, but a scholarship candidate should be prepared for maths problems in this more informal setting; something your tutor will be challenging them with often.

Our tutors thoroughly enjoy challenging our Scholarship pupils, routinely exposing them towards GCSE-level maths & sophisticated english texts.

Demonstrating a passion for what inspires your child is really important

Applying for a scholarship will be looked upon favourably by the school, even if not successful. It allows the school more opportunity to get to know your child and see what they have to offer. So even if they’re not offered a scholarship, they may have increased their chance of securing a place.

In the interview process for scholarships, demonstrating a passion for what inspires your child is really important to schools. They don’t expect your child to excel in every area but want to know what they excel at in particular. Demonstrating a real passion and interest for subjects, hobbies or pursuits will enhance their scholarship chances greatly. So don’t be afraid to let your child express themselves; A previous student of ours once spoke about clouds in his interview at a very prestigious London school for nearly thirty minutes. They loved his enthusiasm and offered him a place. Three years on he is excelling in science; the school saw a passion in him that they believed could be transferable and they were right!

Each scholarship will have a different criteria and application process, don’t be afraid to email the school directly if you have any questions. They will welcome your enthusiasm and are always keen to help children feel comfortable and prepared for the big day. Please note, just like the entrance exam day the whole scholarship day should be seen as an assessment, even play time. So please remind your child to be on their best behaviour.

We will help and advise parents & guardians on all scholarship questions; from what you can expect from the day to the application process, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything further.


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