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Nightingale Tutors specialises in the 11+ entrance examinations, building a fantastic record for school entrance and scholarships over a number of years. 

The majority of our 11 plus tutors have worked at the same schools your child is sitting for, so bring that first-hand experience to lessons and preparation. Contact us today and find out more information on our 11 plus tutors for your child.

Help Your Child Achieve Academic Success With Our 11 Plus Tutors

We believe it takes between 12-18 months to prepare your child for the 11+ exams. Whether they have significant areas to improve, or a high achiever hoping to receive an academic scholarship, our 11 plus tutors’ impact on your child’s learning is immediate. We’ll even advise parents on school choices; whether they are realistic options or ambitious enough. Alongside your child’s tuition, Nightingale Tutors provide mock exam sessions and interview practice to improve your child’s confidence. Our 11 plus tutors will also continually monitor progress and set goals through termly meetings with our company directors.

Contact us on 02037717876 for expert advice on our tutors for 11+, our process, and getting started.

11 Plus Tutors Frequently Asked Questions

We are known for our thorough and methodical approach to the 11 + entrance exam. We offer a unique programme of support alongside your child’s lessons which includes; termly progress meetings, interview preparation sessions & verbal & non-verbal reasoning training, mock exam classes & more. 

Work should begin 12-18 months before the exams and will begin with an academic assessment to figure out which areas we must focus on. A Nightingale Tutor will then be able advise parents on the proposed school choices, whether they are realistic choices, or ambitious enough. Our 11+ tutors are all highly experienced with the entrance process and we spend considerable time matching you to a tutor who has a great record with your preferred schools.

The 11+ exam is arguably one of the most important exams of your child’s academic career and is the entrance process for many of London’s most academically selective independent schools. Not only does the exam comprise of numeracy, literacy, verbal & non-verbal reasoning tests, but holds an increasingly important interview process too, unique to each school. Our 11 plus tutors will not only prepare your child for the rigours of the process, but can be a really effective way to relieve the pressure on you and your child in this critical time.

There’s no doubt that a lot rides on the 11+ examinations, but this kind of pressure is the last thing you want your child feeling. Ultimately, all we want is for them to be happy. Our 11 plus tutor know exactly how to push your child so parents can focus on gentle encouragement, making sure they take regular breaks from work and find ways to switch off from it all. In fact, encouraging them to keep their hobbies up can be invaluable for the interview process. The last thing anyone needs is a stressed child ahead of a very important set of examinations.



“Sarah was superb. Our daughter was struggling with Maths and near the bottom of her class at start of year 6. By the end she was at the top of her class and got a very good 11+ result. Can’t recommend highly enough. Lovely person, excellent tutor.”

Simon R.



“We can highly recommend Nightingale Tutors! They have been instrumental in our son’s preparation for the 11+ exam. They boosted our son’s confidence, speed and accuracy in maths and their knowledge of expected standards at the senior schools are second to none!”

Nathalie S.

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